About Us

Thank you very much to visit http://thelovelyhouse.com . I am really happy to see that you are here to know about me. I am here with my team called The Dreamers. There are 4 members who always help me to write review of any product.

Who We Are:

I am sabuj and you can call me the leader of this blog. I complete graduation from RBU with sociology. My others team members also complete their graduation in various fields. When we take preparation to write review of any product we do different task. I always collect information from web and also collect contact information of products owner. My friend Lisa(From USA) takes those information and contact with owners. She is quite good to take interview from anyone. After taking interview from at least 20 owners she gives all the info to Jackson (From USA).

Jackson reviews all the info and makes a summary of that. He has also some more responsibility like testing the accuracy of the information, compare it with others to find out the pros and cons. If he requires any physical information he contact with Harry (From USA).

In this place harry takes the most vital role. He directly goes to owner house and ask them about their experience on that products. Very funny and nice thing is he sometimes tests those products himself. Among of these team members harry is most intelligent boy I think.

After completing all of the procedures I take all the information and try to write the best review on the specific product category.

From my childhood I like my home and my family very much. Maybe because of this I start a blog named The LovelyHouse. I spent almost spent 8 hours a day in this field. I also like to test various products. My most favorite thing is technology. I always like to know more about new technology.

If you have any claim or want to know more about our self please don’t be shy to contact with us.