Best Electric Pressure Cooker 2018 | Review And Buying Guide 2017-2018

If you are reading my post then you are looking for the best electric pressure cooker. And also you want to buy the best one.  But the problem is a lot of pressure cookers there with different facilities. And it’s very difficult and confusing for one to find out the best pressure cooker from the thousand of kinds. But you are lucky to have me and my team is here to help you. We will find out the best and perfect pressure cooker for you according to our 30hrs research. I know your time is valuable and you are here to know about best pressure cooker not for me. So let’s come to the main point.

At first you need to know what a pressure cooker is and how it’s work. I always suggest my readers to know about the product before buying. It helps anyone to realize the advantages or disadvantages in use. Besides if you don’t know about the product, you can’t make the right choice. And also I don’t want you to follow my instruction blindly. In this post I will try my best to give a clear knowledge about best electric pressure cooker 2017.

best electric pressure cooker buying guide 2017

What is pressure Cooker?

A Frenchman Denis Papin had invented a pot for cooking in the year of 1600s. He named it “Digester”. But it was not ready for use at home. In 1938, Alfred Vischer invented Flex-Seal Speed Cooker. It was the first pressure cooker which is designed for home.  After a lot of evolution we got our new and safe pressure cooker and it is the best electric pressure cooker. Pressure cooker is a sealed pot which contains a lot of stream inside it. It builds high pressure to cook food faster. For the stream it uses liquid material like water. In short it is a closed cooking vessel for use with the external heat source. But when we talk about the best electric pressure cooker there should be difference from an ordinary pressure cooker. Isn’t it? I will talk about it later.

alfred invented pressure cooker

Now get back to the point. A pressure cooker is capable of maintaining working stream pressure of 1.0 kg/sq. The full liquid capacity of a pressure cooker is 2 to 15 liter. But 3 to 5 liter capacity pressure is best for a single family. You don’t want a pot which you can’t move with your poor health. Ha Ha Ha, I was just joking. Mainly your requirement will decide which one you should take. According to my team research there is three generation of pressure cooker. Those generations are classified by the use of valve. I want you to know that electric pressure cooker is a 3rd generation product.

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First generation: It’s an old type of pressure cooker which works measuring the weight with the help of valve. It can make a whistle noise when releasing the pressure and it happens suddenly. Some people think it is little bit annoying. My team went door to door to collect the opinions about first generation pressure cooker. And 92% people complain about it. They have primary safety valve. If the food block the way of release steam valve there is a risk that it can be blowup. I can understand your feeling. It’s not what you are looking for. You are searching for the best electric pressure cooker of 2017. So I am not going to waste your time.

Do you want to know the full history? Click here.

Second generation: It is called gen pressure cooker and have a spring loaded valve. Sometimes the valve is often hidden. There are two types of pressure cooker in 2nd generation. One is Venting [releases stream] and the other one is non-venting [do not release stream].

Third generation: I told you before that the third generation is the generation of electric pressure cooker. In this generation you are capable of enjoying the development of science.  You can change your traditional way of cooking by using an electric pressure cooker. Smart programming electric pressure cooker is the last step of this generation. Before talking about the best one with best facility I want to talk about first two one. Cause you need to know to select the best one. There are three type of electric pressure cooker in 3rd generation.

Manual timer

First one is with mechanical timer. It is also known as manual timer. Manual timers are typically set by turning a dial to the time interval desired. There are two sensors in this pressure cooker and it can identify the temperature and the pressure. Both of them act as a one sill moderator. When the pressure or temperature reach its exact limit the power to the heating elements are cut. So it is safe to use. This type of electric pressure cooker is popular with the consumers. Cause they are cheap than the smart programming pressure cooker. But it has not the ability of delayed cooking.

Digital controller

Now come to the second type of the 3rd generation. They can show you a countdown timer with the help of its digital controller. In the term of safety they are more upgraded than the first one. It has additional sensors which ensure more safety. For example, If you put the lid carelessly, the pressure cooker will be remained unlocked. In an ordinary pressure cooker there is a risk of blow up. But blowing up risk in this pressure cooker is 0%. It will detect your fault and the pressure cooking would not start. Give thanks to the science for developing this safety method for you.

They also have the features of the mechanical timer pressure cooker. Its additional facility is delayed cooking.

This type of pressure cooker is also popular. But you should think twice about it before buying. Cause it has not all the facility like smart programming pressure cooker.

Smart programming

What methods and tools are making our life easy gradually? Of course, it is computer. But the programming system is no longer the only subject of computer. Day to day we learn to use it in our daily life and the best electric pressure cooker is the real proof.

Here is the magical thing about electric pressure cooker. After thousands of experiments now we have best one. There are many conveniences in smart programming pressure cooker. I will try my best to show you some of them.

Automatic cooking

There is no need to have a timer to manually monitor the cooking time. Our best electric pressure cooker provides facility with a fully automated cooking process. Moreover there is an option of switching to keep food warm after cooking.

Delayed cooking

First thing is first. You need to know what is delayed cooking. Wikipedia says, the best electric pressure cooker is a delayed cooker. A delayed cooker is a type of cooker whose process consists of heating a residual oil feed to its thermal cracking temperature in a furnace with multiple parallel passes. Delayed coking is one of the unit processes used in many oil refineries.

Delayed cooking up to 24hrs is possible with the best electric pressure cooker. The amazing thing is it allows you to plan the meal ahead of time and also you don’t need to be a spy in your kitchen. I want you to keep it mind that it’s just not only a cooker for your kitchen. It’s your time saver and also can make you smile when you return home after hard working.

 Why Use best electric Pressure Cooker?

You must familiar with that line, “Time is money”. Aren’t you? Of course, you are. Personally I want to use electric pressure cooker to save time. Cause I don’t have so much money to waste. Else when you talk about time no other product like saucepan can defeat electric pressure cooker.  Without microwave ovens no other can defeat pressure cooker in the term of saving time. But when the question comes about saving electricity electric pressure cooker can be more useful than the microwave ovens.

why use pressure cooker

Now your question should be, “how can an electric pressure cooker do it?” The answer is the best electric pressure cooker needs less water [liquid] than saucepans or stove pressure cooker. And for this reason the water stars boiling faster. So food can be ready sooner. When you use more water it needs more energy to heat up. But using an electric pressure cooker you can save time and energy.

Cause electric pressure cooker needs minimum amount of water. And also an electric pressure cooker can replace your slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker etc. It can save your space and also can stop the mess in your kitchen. Cool, isn’t it? The best thing about the electric pressure cooker is you don’t need to constantly monitoring it. There is an electric component and it will take care of your pressure cooker.

 What can I do with an electric pressure cooker?

If you don’t know what can you do with an electric pressure cooker than it will be funny . You can Steaming, delayed cooking, rice, soup, multigrain rice, poultry, meat and strew, beans and chill, yogurt, congee etc.

Is an electric pressure cooker best for me?

My team not only research about the best electric pressure cooker also research about the users. Now I will show you the result. I believe that after seeing the result you can decide yourself is that best for you or not.

  • Best for students: If you are a student the best electric pressure cooker can make you smile when you return home with tired body and mind.
  • Best for busy parents: If you are too busy to cook than the best electric pressure cooker can help you. You can get schedule dinner or lunch using an electric pressure cooker. Electric pressure cooker is available with smart programming now. It includes pre set cook time.
  • Best for persons with limited kitchen: If you don’t have enough space for many cooking machines than the electric pressure cooker is must for you.
  • Best for sterilization: When you go for camping you can sterilize you jam pot or any bottle that fit in your pressure cooker. Sterilization makes you free from micro-organisms.
  • Best for persons who is nervous about fire: Accidents happens when you become nervous about a thing. When you become nervous you do work carelessly. So if you are nervous about fire than the best electric pressure cooker is must for you.

safe for kids and all

  • Best for people who don’t like to be in the kitchen long time
  • Best for safety.
  • Best for persons who are inexpert in cooking: You don’t have to stand around in the kitchen to watch over the cooker in operations.
  • Best for kids: Sometimes kids are naughty. They do mistakes. There is a risk that they may be harmed. But with the best electric pressure cooker they are safe.

Why not a stove top pressure cooker?

Stove top pressure cooker cooks your food more quickly than the electric pressure cooker. It varies from 2 to 4 minute. For stove pressure cooker it takes 11 minutes to reach the desired pressure. But the best electric pressure cooker needs 14 minute to reach the covetable pressure. I am saying that the stove top pressure cooker is faster than the electric pressure cooker. But I do not recommend my readers to buy it because of some reasons. The reasons came from my team’s research.

stove pressure in not good

Stove top pressure cooker is harder to use than the electric pressure cooker. My team went to some cooks to take their opinion about stove top pressure cooker. Most of them said that if you are not expert in cooking then you should not buy it. Cause you need to constantly monitoring the pressure. You can’t be relaxed after starting the cooking in the stove top pressure cooker.

Fire is the most dangerous thing in the world. And we need to keep it in an open place. So it’s easy to say there is 99% chance of accidents. Though stove pressure cooker saves your time but remember one thing life is more valuable than time.

Most of the people don’t want to remain in the kitchen after hard work. Stove pressure cooker needs to be observed in the cooking time.

We use many types of energy that can’t be regenerate like natural gas or fuel. It’s our duty to save them for the future. Cause day by day we are heading to a world without natural resources.  So we should use that energy which can be regenerated like electricity. Though the stove pressure cooker is popular but I can’t recommend it as a conscious people.

Is it safe for food or health?

After reading all this you may be thinking to buy an electric pressure cooker. But one question is still bothering you. Is it safe? My answer is yes and it is 100% safe for use. An electric pressure cooker creates high pressure inside it. Because of this pressure the food is cooked above the normal boiling point killing the most micro organisms. It works like a sterilizer. Ordinary kitchen appliances need a large amount of water to boil your food. Electric pressure cooker needs less water than other ordinary kitchen appliance. So that vitamins and minerals do not wash away from your food. The food remains healthy.

Besides the best electric pressure cooker take care of the hygiene of your kitchen. You can also use an electric pressure cooker instead of multiple cooking machines. If you don’t like the mess in your kitchen an electric pressure cooker is must for you. So I always recommend my readers to keep an electric pressure cooker in his/her kitchen.

safe for health or food

Now you know what is electric pressure cooker and why should you buy it? You can go for several online stores to find out the suitable one. After researching lot of time you may able to buy one. It will take so much time and you may get the wrong one. So my team researched on 150 pressure cookers and took the top 3 for you.

Top 3 electric pressure cooker That I recommended for you


COSORI Electric Pressure Cooker 6 Quart/1000W :

When the question comes about top 3 products it’s very hard to select the best one. Every product has its own benefits. But I am lucky. I have a good team to help me. My team is very active. They research about the product along with the consumers. In every product they research at least 30hrs. So if you want you can believe their hard work.

COSORI Electric Pressure Cooker 6 Quart/1000W

Now get back to the point. In my top three best electric pressure cooker list I want to put a programmable electric pressure cooker first named COSORI electric pressure cooker.

It was first arrived in 14 February, 2017. It’s a brand new product with highest facilities. Safety facility is also upgraded in this pressure cooker. I always choose product to keep in mind that safety is first.

 Safety system

easy to use this pressure cooker

  • Lid lock safety
  • Anti-clog protection
  • Pressure limiter
  • Temperature controller
  • Excess temperature monitor
  • Excessive pressure protection
  • Pressure auto-control guard
  • Electrical current monitor
  • Lid position monitor


After safety you may be want to know how many cooking program it has. It’s my pleasure to tell you that it has 14 cooking program. Can you believe it? I was amazed when I first saw the COSORI electric pressure cooker. Actually it is all in one in your kitchen. Also you will not be confused about the program controller. The intuitive control panel makes it so easy to program the pressure cooker’s settings. It has easy to read LED display. If you need it to be cleaned you can easily do it all by yourself.

 Good quality:

Most of the electric pressure cooker has stainless steel inner pot. But they are thin and also cheap. But the best electric pressure cooker of my list is not the same. Its inner pot is heavy and also has good quality.

Best size for family:

We also research about the size. Cause size of the cooker is very important in busy life style. You may not want to cook again and again for your family member. The best electric pressure cooker should have the standard size for your family. And in is section I will give 10 on 10 to the COSORI electric pressure cooker. The size of COSORI electric pressure’s pot is 6-quart. My team’s research says that it is the best and size for your family.

Save you place in the kitchen

The best electric pressure cooker is not only a pressure cooker for you. It also works as   Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Sauté Pan, Yogurt Maker, Steamer & Warmer. So it will keep your kitchen clean and also mess free.


You will get 10 instruments with the package. The instruments are Pressure cooker, Stainless Steel Inner pot, Ladle, Rice Spoon, Measuring cup, Glass Lid, Sealing Ring, Steamer Rack, Power cord, User manual.


It is almost impossible in the world to find a product which is 100% ok. The best electric pressure cooker of my list is not from another world. It also has some bad side. Some consumers said that it smelled plastic or bad when they unpacked it for the first time. It remains one or two days.

Some consumers found lack of information how to use it. I want to share a customer’s review with you.

Name: Nelda Sherman

“I wrote a review but it was removed. Must be they didn’t like it. I simply said it lacked information and I could not use the product because of a lack of “how to use”. If you are new at pressure cookers you probably be better off getting one that has more recipes and instructions with it. I would not recommend.”

But personally I don’t think it’s a major problem in the era of internet.


The best electric pressure cooker is not beyond on your reach. COSORI electric pressure cooker is not so expensive like other pressure cookers. According to our research I am recommending you to buy this one. If you want healthy body and a sound mind then COSORI electric pressure cooker can be your best partner in the kitchen.  For details and the latest price go to Amazon or click here.


 T-fal CY505E 12-in-1 Programmable Electric Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker:

Our requirements can very person to person. If you think COSORI is not perfect for you than you might be like T-FAL. You will get ceramic inner pot instead of stainless still. Many of us don’t like still so much. So T-Fal will be best if you are a fan of ceramic. And it has also some unique features. I discuss here everything about T-Fal Electric Pressure Cooker.

Main Features:

1.      DIY Chef

In this mode you can select the cooking temperature from 105F to 320F. You can prepare your own recipes with the help of DIY Chef.

2.      Warm mode

If your foods get cold there is a chance that the germs will grow on it. But it will not happen in warm mode. It will keep your food warm and healthy. The Keep warm function automatically comes on at the end of the cooking to keep your food safe.

3.      Delayed start

You can slow the start of your cooking up to 24hrs. It’s really useful for the busy persons.

4.      Ceramic cooking pot

Here is the special thing about this pressure cooker. When I first noticed that I was amazed. You may think that how can a ceramic pot make a man amazed. You will be surprised too when you will know its benefits. How can you know about the ceramic cooking pot? No need to worry. I am here for answering your question. Here some of its benefits,

  • Ceramic pot can withstand temperatures up to 2000° F, hot enough to melt metal cookware.
  • It can be used on all heating surfaces, including a microwave oven.
  • Ceramic is very solid and is scratch resistant.
  • There is no use of cadmium in a human body. And cadmium is toxic even at low levels. Being exposed to lower levels of cadmium over a long period of time can cause damage to kidneys, lungs and bones. Ceramic coating is cadmium free.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It heats up early

This electric pressure cooker is popular all over the world.

5.      Extra feature  

You can cook your food let the lid open. There will be no problem with some recipes. There is also a recipe book included with 30 unique recipes.


No need to say again that there is hardly a perfect thing in the world. Because of some absence I can’t put this pressure cooker in number one position.

  • It has 12 cooking program when the first one has 14 cooking program. But some consumers said that it doesn’t bother them at all.
  • Ceramic pot can be broken if you are careless.

Though my team found a little con but all most all the users said that is not bothering them at all. So you can surely take this one for your family. To know the latest price of this item go to Amazon or click here.


Elite Platinum EPC-808W Maxi-Matic  8 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker:

When I went for number three it was a tie. I wanted to put the two product review together for you. Then my team said I should not do that. Cause it may be made you confused. In top three list of pressure cooker there should not be another product. Then personally I researched about the best electric pressure cooker for you. And the result is in front of you now. I found the best one as number three in the list of top three.

Elite Platinum EPC-808W Maxi-Matic 8 Quart Electric Pressure Cooker:

I hope it will help you to take your decision about electric pressure cooker. It comes with  many features I will show them step by step for your better consideration.


Elite pressure cooker is available with 8 quart pot. It is enough for your large family. If you remembered my last joke just forget it. It is very easy to move. And there are some benefits having a large pot. The large capacity is perfect for feeding a large family and to keep food warm for hours at parties or gathering. Cool, isn’t it? We like parties. And personally I have a lot of guest who love me very much and come to visit me every month. Sometimes they don’t go back to their home. Then I fill how necessary to have a large pot.


19 multifunction are available in the Elite pressure cooker. Can you believe that? Those functions are Reheat, Brown Rice, White Rice, Wild Rice & Grains, Vegetables & Fish, Desserts, Potatoes, Pork & Ribs, Chicken, Beans, Stew, Beef, Soup, and Browning/Keep Warm.

Delay time

29 hour delay timer allows you to program cooking to begin at a later time and programmable pressurized cook time from 0-99 minutes for customized cooking. Better than ever.

Easy to use

It’s very simple and easy to cook in elite pressure cooker.  Just set it and forget it. The Elite by Maxi-Matic Pressure Cooker cooks a wide variety of delicious dishes in a fraction of the time. Fall-off-the-bone ribs and Juicy Roasts that usually take hours to cook in conventional ovens can now be ready in just 25 – 60 minutes. It is user friendly to all Americans.

convenient feature allows you to brown food in the same pot prior to pressure cooking.


You can see that elite pressure cooker has more facility than other pressure cooker. But still I want to put it in number three because of its big price. I select products for everyone. If you have a good budget then you can go for it without any hesitation. Cause a good quality product isn’t cheap always.

This pressure cooker comes with various colors and price depends on its color and design. To know details, real user review and price go to Amazon or just click here.

Why not Amazon Best selling product in my list?


Instant Pot IP-DUO80 7-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker:

This electric pressure cooker is very popular in Amazon. And the selling rate of this product also high. Its feature is very cool. Many consumers said that they are in new level of cooking whit this pressure cooker. But a lot of people complain that it’s not working just after two or three week. Many of them return this cooker.

According to positive and negative review my team wants the instant pot in number 4 position. But unfortunately my list is for only top 3 best electric pressure cookers. You can also try this cooker as a newbie. To buy this product click here you can also get the price from Amazon.

Conclusion: If you read the article fully then you will be able to buy the best electric pressure cooker. We tried hard to put only the related topic. If you have any question or recommend don’t forget to leave us a comment. And If you found this article helpful please share it with your friends and give them chance to buy the best electric pressure cooker.

You can also check my another latest article about.

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