Best Vacuum Under 100 | The Most Wanted Vacuum Cleaners 2017-2018

Our journey starts from home. So it is very important to keep it neat and clean. A good vacuum can easily fulfill your demand. But it is also very important to look at your budget. When you are in a tight schedule It’s really hard to find best budget vacuum with super quality. My team did a good job here only for you. We find out the  best vacuum under 100 (USD).

How we research:

Our reviews go with several brands like Shark, Dyson, Bissell etc. but we put only the best here. We spent almost 30 hours to find out the perfect one. We contacted with almost 50 people who already used these products, asked them about their experience on various field. I will also try to add those comments here for the specific product. We went through some of big ecommerce marketplace like Amazon, Ebay, Wallmart to see the real user review. But honestly we never used all of these products personally. But you can surely take one product from here. Don’t forget to leave a comment after using a vacuum .It will help us to update this review.

What  we consider before selecting a Vacuum:

1. Noise: Nobody wants cracking sound in her/his machine. We gave this a priority before selecting a product finally.
2. Pet hair cleaning: I think you know better how it is important for your machine. So we put it in 2nd position.
3. Understand ability: After buying something if you see it’s hard to use you will not like that product. We look how easy it is to operate, pull and lift the machine.
4. Carpet cleaning: Your carpet should be always clean. We asked all of real user about this option.
5. Hard floor cleaning: This was also on our top most priority.
6. Under 100(USD): Here comes one of the most and main point. We put only the best vacuum under 100 Always respect your demands and try to give solution on that point.
We also consider about warranty, accessories, top brands and many things. You may not get all of the features in one vacuum cleaner. If you use one of the vac from this list you will be able to get almost all the benefits. You should also look at your budget before thinking more about a vacuum. If you have a high budget then you can try this Robot vacuum .

What you should consider before buy one:

                       Mainly there are four types of vacuum are available in market. Before buying you must consider that which type of machine is really perfect for you. We tried to cover all types of vacuum and those are

  • Stick Vacuum cleaners.
    • Upright vacuum cleaners.
    • Canister vacuum cleaners.
    • Handheld Vacuum Cleaners.

Each type of vacuum cleaners have different capabilities. Suppose upright vacuum is better for home and large office but it is little heavy than stick vacuum. It’s fully depend on you which type of vacuum works best for your requirement. You also need to consider what people say about that product. We are here to make your task easy. So let’s go to for the best vacuum under 100(USD). We decide to put top 3 best vacuum under 100 (USD).

 BISSELL 9595A Vacuum with OnePass – Corded

best vacuum under 100

Before giving our opinion I want to start with one of the user review who using this machine from six month. Her name is Sweet Nana and she said “I’ve had my vacuum cleaner for about 6 months now and use it One to two times in a week with great results. It glides smoothly over my area rugs and hardwoods, picking up everything with more than adequate suction power. The hose for the attachments is stiff and rather short but easy to use and the suction is great for couches and upholstered chairs. I am very happy with this Bissell Vacuum.”

I think most of you know about the company called BISSELL. It’s a 140 years old family owned company. This company deals with the cleaning materials. As a Brand you can give them on top ten position. So if you are thinking to buy a machine from a popular brand then Bissell can be your first choice.

A good brand can’t be always good in all position. It is very much important to know that how it can help you to do your task. BISSELL 9595A Vacuum can clean your carpet very smoothly. We put it on no one position because of its reliability and durability. It is also require very less maintenance which can save your time.

Let’s see the main features:

  • Fast and easy cleaning with powerful suction.
  • Cyclonic System for long-lasting.
  • Turbo Brush tools for stairs, furniture, upholstery, and more.
  • Lightweight design at 15 lbs.
  • Large capacity, easy empty dirt bin.
  • Extension wand, Crevice Tool and Dusting Brush for easy cleaning in hard to reach areas.

Bissell vacuum cleaning

Most of the vacuums require to go over the same floor area many times before they vacuum all of dust, but Bissell upright vacuum can do it on initial pass. It is engineered with OnePass technology with powerful suction capability. Bissell clean view is the perfect combination of form and function which can remove most derbies.

This machine comes with extension wand to capture dirt and derbies. This tool can be used on its own or with an attached tool like the Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, or Turbo Brush. It is great for cleaning ceilings, ceiling fans, and baseboards without straining your back.

Turbo brush roll works to agitate dirt, debris, and hair in your carpet while powerful suction lifts it from your carpet and upholstery. Perfect for vacuuming carpeted stairs, upholstery, auto interiors, and more.

Crevice tool remove dirt and debris from the nooks and crannies of your home or automobile. Great for use on couches, furniture, along baseboards, and in cars.

The two year warranty of this machine can help you to select perfect one. Bissell always respects his customers to give their best services. We went for 100 products and compare their prices on various fields. We saw there is no vacuum in this price with most effective features. You can take this best cheap vacuum for yourself and also can gift it to your kin.


Surely I told many positive things about BISSELL 9595A Upright which is the best vacuum under 100(USD). But there is nothing in this word that is 100% accurate. I told it earlier that you can’t get all the facilities in one vacuum. It is time to know something that is not available in this vacuum.


  • Really Good Edge Cleaner (my favorite feature).
  • Cleaning canister is easy to remove and replace.
  • Pretty good suction.
  • Can use in various platforms.
  • And so many features that I already mention earlier.



  • Cord is little shorter than others like Dyson.
  • The ON/OFF switch little far away. This feature is not really perfect.
  • Some users told that after 12 to 16 month it makes a little sound when turn off.


I think this CONS are not a big deal. You can buy this upright vacuum and to know more details simply click here or go to Amazon and don’t forget to leave a comment here with your opinion.

 BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum

BISSELL Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum the best vacuum under 100

Maybe you are thinking that why I again comes with the brand called BISSELL ? Truly I was not a big fan of this brand before. But my researches force me to believe that BISSELL is the most famous brand in cleaning materials. This company always tries to make something in a very comfortable price. I am talking about Zing Bagged Canister which is the best vacuum under 100 (USD).

If you are thinking to buy a machine that can clean your wood floor and ceramic tiles then this is really perfect for you. It will not make any scratch on your floor like others low quality vacuums. The light weight features of this vacuum will help you to pick up easily and to do your task in long time. Though you mom is 70 years old, she can handle this machine perfectly. I will not suggest this vacuum if you have a very big house. It is quite good for little apartment or office cleaning.

At this time I want to share one of the user comments her name is Marry Foster. She said that  “This is a great small vacuum for the price. I have wood laminate and tile floors and two. This small vacuum cleaner does the job that I need. I like the feature that lets me control the suction. The lowest setting still gets up the dog hair, but the noise is low enough for me to hear the phone ring.”

canister vacuum cleaning floor

As I said earlier It has some good features that can help you more to do your job perfectly. with in your budget it is the best vacuum under 100 .(USD)


I am sharing the pros and cons of it after that you can decide yourself to buy or not. We went to real user and collect so much information. Here I will show you the bullet point.


  • Very low price.( only 49.99)
  • Powerful suction.
  • Multi-surface cleaning.
  • Light weight.(12.5 lb)


  • The attachments not so good.
  • Made with plastic materials.
  • Cord is not long enough for big house.


Though it has some negative things but if you consider it with the price I think this is best vacuum for you. You can know more details from Amazon or to buy simply click here.


Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner -SD20000RED

best cheap bagless vacuum cleaner under 100There is no vacuum cleaner in the world which has low price than this vacuum. But don’t think that I put it on 3rd position because of its low price only. It’s the best seller product on Amazon not for its low price. Dirt devil has a powerful suction with multi tasking capability. The weight of this product is only 4 pounds which is really very lees than others vacuum. Your 4 years baby can also handle this vacuum.

You can fully understand it after knowing the review of Sneaus dayz. When our team asked her about to comment on Dirt Devil Vacuum she said “This was probably the most awesome Christmas gift I could have ever given my 4 year old. She wanted a vacuum like mommy’s. I looked at all of the toy vacuums and some how came across this beauty. The toy vacuums cost more and did less than this little dirt devil. It is the perfect height and weight for her. Instead of pretending to vacuum, she actually is vacuuming. WIN! WIN!

4 years baby can handle a vacuum

Here is her baby who was playing with the best vacuum under 100(USD) and it is the dirt devil stick vacuum. If you really need a hand vac then I will suggest you to take this. It can clean your dust from floor and from carpet also. If you need to clean your walls, corner of house you can use it very smoothly because of its light weight. You can move this machine room to room. It is really the best cheap bagless vacuum. This machine is made by china you can get 30 days return policy from Amazon. Probably the best deal on a little vacuum online.




Though it has little cons but you can avoid it when you will look at the price and the features. You can successfully use it in your little home or studio. If you have a little shop then it is most perfect for you. I am going to highlight some bullet points about this the little best vacuum under 100 (USD).


  • Very light weight.
  • Best price with ultra features.
  • Multi tasking capability.
  • Strong suction.


  • Not recommended for very big carpet cleaning.
  • Handle is not so long.
  • Primary cleaning vac.

Some users told that they are not highly satisfied with this little thing. We asked them what about price? They all said it is perfect with its price and features. My last suggestion , you should try this vacuum only for tiny purpose like cleaning your small room, bathroom, wooden floor or in plain materials. Though it can clean carpet easily I don’t recommend it to my viewers. To know more about this product just go to Amazon or simply click here.

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