How To Build A House Yourself Step by Step guideline 2018

After spending so many years of life we decide to build a new house. I know a person named james L.Skidmore who build his own home at the age of 79. He spent all of his money to build his dream house. So it is very important when you are going to do something special by yourself. You can also hire a company like Allan Edwards Builder Inc to take full responsibility of your construction. But if you want to do it by yourself then you should follow every step very carefully. I will show you a complete guide how to build a house yourself step by step. But keep in mind that this procedure can vary a little region to region and also depends on your environment. To build a house in desert can’t be same as a forest house.

how to build a house yourself

Step 01- Prepare Yourself:

you are going to build your own house without having previous experience. So it is very import to do some basic preparation before going for next. To build a home with great facility will be time consuming. First prepare a time schedule, if require discuss with your family members and also with your boss. Tell your family members about your planning and take a note what they saying. Remember one thing that your family members can help you most. Specially take guidance from senior members. They can give you better idea how to build a house yourself.

Step 02-Finding Location:

There are so many things to consider when finding a perfect place on which you can build your dream house.

find desired location

Environment:I always suggest my readers to take care about the environment of desired place. You should aware about flood, cold, tsunami and other weather conditions. Nobody will like to build your home in a flood affected area. You should also aware about the soil of your selected location.

Digital Utilities:you must consider about electricity, gas line, network stability, water supply system, telephone connection, wi-fi and others.

Social Structure:If you have kids and want to raise them in your house make sure about the location of nearest education institute. Other facilities like police station, fire station, post office, sports ground, markets are available or not. Try to take most of the facilities as many as possible. If you are from middle class family then try to select a location where people are like you or little bit rich. Cause in future it will affect your children or family member.

Buy Property:After selecting a location you need to buy a property. This can be a hard part which depending on your budget. Building a home is not really inexpensive thing. Buying a property is important as like as building a home. A good property can be a successful investment for your life. Before buying any property make sure about the legal documents .You can hire a attorney to make the deal.

Consider the access issue of your desired place. It should have comfortable driveway. When you will go for constructing it may require heavy transport. It is also very important for future.

Step 03-Desining Your House:

design you dream house

Yourself or hire a designer: After selecting a better location it is time to make a plan for your house. The design of your house is the vital point. You must take it seriously to make your house comfortable and useful. You can design yourself and also can hire a designer/architecture. If you know what you want in your house then no need to hire a designer. It is little expensive if you have a tight budget.

A builder can help you to make the right thing. There are some free house plans are available online, check it here. But free things is not really so good, always their some bugs or wrong measuring. It will be better if you just buy a house plan only for $10 to $50(USD). I research almost 12 hours on various online market places to find out the best house plan. You can easily take The Complete Home Collection: Over 130 Charming and Open Floor Plans for your house.

A basic home design can be complete just buying a house plan or by yourself. But if your house is little bigger with more rooms and space then you should hire a designer. I recommend a designer only if you want larger apartment with so many things like complex, outer field, swimming pool, play ground and so many. To build a tiny house it is possible to design by you or buying a house plan. You just need to give proper attention and spending little more time.

Your living space: When readers ask the question how to build a house yourself, every time I notice same thing. That guy lives in his own dream and likes to make a dream house by him/herself. To see the dream you need to sleep well. So it very much important to design your living space whether you buy a house plan or design yourself.

design your living space

First you should think about the furniture layout. Ask some question onto you likes,

  • Is there enough room space to fit your all furniture?
  • Which one should be the master bedroom and what furniture will be there?
  • Where you want to set the couches and size of that?

You can ask so many questions like this and it will give you always better idea to do the right thing. A house is not only for a single time. At present you may require only two bedrooms but after few years your kids will be grow up and you will require three bedrooms. Also you may need more furniture for your family members so think about this.

In a single family one bathroom is enough but for multiple members you should build twice or more bathrooms. One more bathroom is also helpful if you want to resale your home.

Common mistake: I think you are getting your results regarding on your question how to build a house yourself step by step. The more you read and research you will be able to find out more solution. Now I will show you some common mistakes when you first building your own home.

Placing Windows: Windows is one of the most important thing at home. Placing the windows in right place will make you more comfortable. Before do it consider about sunlight, air direction, natural view of outside. You can’t change your windows position later so take it seriously.

Water Drainage system: Another common mistake is about the drainage system. It also depends on your climate. If you are living in frozen area then you should remember about snow melt. You will always try to keep your floor dry at the rain time. So beware of setting the pipe line. Look after the vault where your dusty water goes on.

Hiring builder/the right people:

hire the right builder or worker

 Do you really spend a lot of time when make a relationship? If the answer is yes then this part is really very easy for you. The people you will work with very closely whether he is a designer/builder or worker should be friendly. Because this is first time you are going to build your house and if they are not the right people then it will be very bad experience. Before selecting the builder take an interview of them. Ask them about their last three works and take those owners address. Contact with them and judge the applicants. If you are able to select the right people your 25% work will be done easily. Take your time to make the right decision about whom to hire.

In your complete construction you may require few types of people to do your job. Select the right candidate everywhere.

  • Workers to clear the location.
  • Bricklayers to lay the foundation.
  • Roofers to build the roof and insulate the house.
  • Electricians to do the electric task.
  • Plumbers and HVAC workers to do the difficult interior work for living.
  • Flooring installers to fit the tiles, carpet or hardwood.

Step-4 Necessary Documents/Permits:

You should prepare some permits and documents before digging the soil. Take a construction loan by submitting a loan application is not a difficult task. It may require a credit card along with some more information to fulfill this process. If you have your own budget then it’s not really important.

collect necessary documents for house

Construction Insurance: To continue a project like making home you will need construction related insurance. This can be provided by the contractor or by yourself. It will depend on your state where you live in or depend on your Government roles. You only make sure that you have the right insurance POLICY. Before selecting a builder ask him about insurance of workers, accidents like damage of fire burn and other.

Getting Construction Permits:

collect building permite and other permits

To build a house you will be require a building permit. It is very natural in many state and country. To get this permit you need to submit an application to your housing department with details information. They can ask for your home design, soil test, engineering load space etc. The following permits will be required:

  • An electric line permit.
  • A plumbing permit.
  • A mechanical or air condition permit called HVAC.
  • Tank permit.
  • Environmental permit.

Step-5 Working Into Ground:

Thing is going to be serious now. Everything before was just like annoying preparation. It is the time you will understand the true meaning of how to build a house yourself. You will feel that you are building something. This is really the hard and important part of your house. This part will be done by few steps.

working on ground

Making foundation: After a worker excavates the suitable plot you will be ready to lay the foundation. It will depend on your requirement like space of your plot, size of your house, you want a basement or not and local building code. Foundation is the most important part of any house. Talk with your builder and he will suggest you which type of foundation will be best. Concrete block is the strongest foundation and I always recommend it. The exaction worker will first take the measurement and will excavate the desire depth. You just need to look after everything.

Pour concrete: Now the contractor will pour concrete for footings. It can be wider then foundation walls. But the thickness of the wall should be determined by an engineer. Consider the height of your building and also the gravity of earth which will affect your house later.

Setup your building lines and take measurement very carefully from every corner of the building. Make sure that every corner is an accurate square. You may require keeps holes for later drainage system.

Set Up Floor: Mainly two types of floors are popular now. One is made by concrete block and another one is wooden floor. You can also use tiles on your floor. To make the concrete floor you should do it before placing the slab block. Cause it will difficult later to adjust. To install wooden floor or tiles you should take care of its quality and design.

construct your wall and floor

Step-6 Make Wall And Roof:

After completing your foundation and concrete slab it is time to build the wall and roof. Now you will see your house is going to shape now.

First you need to lay out the wall lines according with your floor. First starts from corner. Your builder will do that you just observe everything is going well or not. You can also help the workers. During making walls point the doors and windows. Same builder will build your roof. It can take two or three weeks which depends on the size of your house. If you decide to make your wall with wood then you need a skilled carpenter crew. He will do all the things. Here I will show you basic steps which will be done by your carpenter.

Collect all necessary things like nails, plumbers or lumbers. Plumb the walls securely or install sheathing if required. Start work from corner and maintain the basement line. The location for windows and doors will be selected and crew will keep the space plan. Framing is the basic shelter for your house. Try to use better plumbers and sheathing and which will be stayed for very long time.

set up you roof of dream house

After making wall carpenter crew will go for making the roof. The same crew will do this job. He will also install the windows and doors. Sometimes it can make by the subcontractor. Who will do this job it’s not very important matter. You just keep an eye over everything is going well.

After complete the framing it will be covered by some sheathing. Roof surface will also be installed at this time. You can use steel frame, painted sheet metal, shingles, terra cotta tiles or other materials depending on your requirement, budget and the place where you live in. Sometimes all types of material can’t be found in same area. Just do a little research a little to use the best surface.

Step-7 Design Inside:

After complete the outside task it is time to work on interior design. Your home have a good shape now and do some basic installation to make it ready for next. It will be done by the experience electricians, plumbers.

install water pipe line

Install water pipe lines, drains, drains vent into wall. This can be done after making the walls. You can also do it when building the walls. Think about future and keep maximum water line for your house. Tell your crew about your plan and guide them in your direction.

Install air conditioner, air handlers, refrigerant piping. Ensure about air supply and seal the joints again. Refresh it as it looks new and not cutting point available there.

Install electric line and give them insulation. First plan about your electric appliances thinks where you want to put them. You can set up more electric line after your present requirement. So that in future you can easily set up new equipment.

install electric line

You may require several types of outlet like light fixtures, fans, heaters, refrigerators, electric fireplace, water heaters, stoves and many more. Try to separate them from each other in a electric panel box. Make sub panels for the giant equipment like heaters. It will give you more safety and easy maintain. Basically normal cable is use for lighting and other circuits. But for the main cable you should use higher capacity cable.

Insulate Your Wall where it is required. Mainly bedroom is more important if you live in a frozen area. It will depend on your climate. Just take guideline from your contractor as he knows what he is doing. At this point you will also install ceilings with accurate material. You can also use insulation their or better comfortable.

paint your house with colorful design

Paint Your House with colorful design. Don’t forget to color your doors, kitchen, bathrooms as well as your ceilings and walls. After painting almost you all work is done. And now you know how to build a house yourself.

Install floor and other essential equipment is the last task that you need to do. You can finish your flooring by carpeting, laminate flooring, using tiles or ceramic. Just use the perfect one as you think yourself. You also need to install other equipments like your bathtub, washing machine, kitchen item, refrigerator etc.

Final Task:

You are all done and you have your dream house. Check your water line, electric line, search every corner of the house for any missing or inappropriate thing. If you need any small changes then discuss it with your contractor. Solve the problem before they go on. Just take relax and look at your house. How beautiful it is!

Now you completely know how to build a house yourself. Tell your friends about your experience and help them to build their dream house. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. If you have any opinion, question or any idea then don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Me and my team will try best to give you solution. You comment will also help us to improve this article. You can also share your experience with us.


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