Memory Foam Mattress Reviews And Buying Guide 2017-2018

We almost spent 30% of our life on sleeping. The way you feel and act while you’re open-eyed depends in part on what happens while you’re sleeping. To lead a healthy life it is so much important that you sleep well at night. To make a sweet dream you need a comfortable bed with high quality mattress. In the field of cosiness no mattress can compete with memory foam. So, I will provide the memory foam mattress reviews and buying guide to make your decision easier when you will go for buying a mattress.

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What Is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Before going in depth of memory foam mattress reviews I want to give you a sort and clear idea on the topic of “what is the real meaning of memory foam?” Polyurethane and some of other chemicals is used to make a memory foam. It was first developed in the year of 1970 by NASA to improve the safety of aircraft cushions. Due to the maximum viscosity it is often called viscoelastic foam. When this great cushion is used on your bed then it is called memory foam mattress.

Why Memory Foam Mattress?

There are many types of mattress are available in the market. Some of them are really cheap also. You should have a clear idea before buying any one of them. After knowing in depth you will be able to take your decision. I will show you some advantages and disadvantage of memory foam mattress. I will also compare it with some of other mattresses.

Health Benefits:

When the topic comes to your health you should never compromise a single thing. Health is the main power of a man. Your health depends on many things. A better foam mattress can make you healthy then other poor quality mattress. Memory foam mattress is really a unique one that is made by over research into NASA.

health benifits of memory foam

Here are some health benefits of memory foam mattress:

  • A temperature sensitivity material is used to make the memory foam mattress. When you sleep on bed your body temperature naturally may be increased. This temperature allows the memory foam to adjust itself with the sleeper’s body heat and weight. The memory foam becomes softer when it gets heat from body. It will provide you a good night sleep which is really very much important for your health.
  • Displacing pressure along with the length of your body is the other great feature for health. It helps us to recover quickly from pain. The body points where you have pain that normally produce more heat than other body joints. A memory foam can recognize this temperature and displace the pressure according with your weight and the length of body. If you regularly sleep on a memory foam mattress, it will take less time to recover yourself from any kind of body pain.
  • An ideal sleeping posture may prevent you from future back soreness. Memory foam mattress can help you to attain an ideal position by assisting with accurate spinal alignment. Sleeping in right way can prevent you from many spinal problems.
  • Allergic problem is very natural for many of us. By using memory foam mattress you can easily get reliefs from allergic. A memory foam is made by inorganic fibers which prevent the allergic causing dust-mites to settle in. There is no food for the mites in a memory foam. You can take a deep sleep without having any allergic problem.

If you just want a mattress that is comfortable for your health then you no need to read more on the topic memory foam mattress reviews. No mattress is available on market that can compete with memory foam regarding on health benefits.

Mattress Firmness:

The mattress is firm or soft is very important for most of us. Our taste can be little different but it should have an average firmness. Pressure is measured in mmHg. 32mmHg or lower is considered as a relieving surface which is determined by the healthcare institute. Memory foam mattress has around 15mmHg where others have more than 35mmhg.

couple should sleep with comfort

It has no motion transfer also. That means you have no chance to waking up your partner when he need a midnight run. You partner may dislike it that you can’t sleep without moving. A good quality mattress can solve this issue. It is very important that a couple sleep with full comfort.

Maintenance Issue:

As I told earlier memory foam is not suitable for mites or dust. You do not need to do a heavy maintenance on it. Dust can’t go inter into memory foam because of its density and technology. You just need to clean your sheet and cover regularly.

Is It Really Expensive?

There is rumor about memory foam. Yes, those persons are little right because few brands have really very high price ($1000-$2500). But if you know what you are buying then you can complete your shopping on below $400. I hope you will be able to select your desired mattress after completely reading memory foam mattress reviews and buying guide. My research team finds few good quality mattresses within your budget. You will get it at the bottom of this page.


Now you know what features should be remained on a mattress. But nothing in this world is 100% accurate. Memory foam has some cons also. I will try to show them now.

  • When you will first unpack your box it will give you bad smell because of its chemical. This smell can stay 3 to 7 days long.
  • I told earlier about the benefits of temperature sensitivity. But it has a little disadvantage also. As the softness of memory foam depends on temperature it might be hard if your room temperature remains so cold. If your weather is really cold then you will not get full advantage from a memory foam mattress. You can avoid this problem if you keep an electric fireplace in your room.
  • As memory foam adjusts to contour of your body, it can take little bit longer time (10 to 15 days).
  • Memory foam price is little more than others mattresses. You should follow a proper guideline and brand to buy one for you.

Buying Guide:

If you are already reading this memory foam mattress reviews then you know all the features of memory foam. And you are determined to buy a memory foam mattress for yourself. But if you don’t know the right procedure you will not be able to get the best one. So in this part I will show how you will find out the best memory foam mattress.

Can I Use It? Many of my readers ask me a same thing “Is this product suitable for me?” For foam mattress many one asked about children. Answer is yes, kids and all types of man can use memory foam. It has no reaction or medical issue. Moreover memory foam is really very suitable for the people who are sick and can’t move too much. Those mattresses have allergic problem that is not suitable for all of us. So before going next consider about the usability of any product.

Bed Size: Without knowing the accurate size of your bed you should never try any mattress. First know your bed size and go with it. It will save your time to select the best one.


This is so much important to know the right density of your mattress. This measurement will determine the firmness, softness, price, support, and durability. Remember one thing that density is closely related to firmness but thickness of memory foam is the actual height of the mattress. Density is measured in pounds per cubic foot and memory foam density is divided into three parts.

determined the right density of mattress

Low Density mattress is measured in below 3lbs. The lower density will give more softness. It will take less time to adjust to your body. If you are a person who in a tight budget and don’t like to take the initial feelings then low density memory foam is perfect for you. But the durability and support will not be so better. So think which one is best for you before getting a new mattress.

Medium Density mattress is usually between 4lbs to 5lbs which is also quite soft and suitable for average sleeper. It also comes with a targeted budget. Medium density memory foam is better than low density memory foam. But if you like softness then low density will be better.

High Density mattress is more than 6lbs per cubic foot. If you really want something special with all of features like firmness, support, durability then high density memory foam mattress is perfect for you. It is really very long lasting approximately 15 – 20 years. At first time high density memory foam can feel little hard but after adjusting it will be better than low or medium density mattress. So if you have a good budget I will suggest you to take the high density memory foam mattress.

Take a Test Drive:

You are going for a big purchase. So take it seriously and lie down on mattress for 10 minutes. Couple should try it together. Ask the salesman not to hurry. If you buy from online shop then look after the brand and customer reviews. Or the persons who research on memory foam take their recommendation. I will give top 3 memory foam mattress reviews which will be best for anyone. You can check it at the bottom of this page.

Check The Warranty:

Before purchase know the warranty of that product. Normally a good quality mattress has more than 10 years warranty. Some brands provide trial period so check it also. Know the details before going next.

Where To Buy:

You can buy from various online marketplaces but always I recommend to Amazon. Amazon is the biggest and reliable marketplace all over the world. You can also go to your nearest market to buy physically.

OK, now you completely read the article about memory foam mattress reviews and buying guide 2017. You have a clear idea about memory foam mattress and you also know what should consider before buying any mattress. But you are now confused which one will be really best for you. You search on various marketplaces and still you are unable to select the perfect one. My team is here to make it easy for you.

Top 3 Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

We research almost 30 hours on various mattresses. Go over thousands of customers to find out the top three mattresses for the year of 2017. We consider so many factors to find out the best one. You can surely take one of this from here without searching more.

Our Top Pick– BEST 2 REST Memory Foam Mattress: Budget Mattress

If you want a mattress that is on your tight budget and have all of the features then this Best 2 Rest mattress (USA) is for you. I was really amazed when I asked the users about this mattress. Everyone give us positive feedbacks. For removing my confusion I went to Amazon to see the reviews and I was most surprised. This is first time I am writing review by keeping positive things on my mind about any product.

best 2 rest memory foam mattress reviews

Best 2 Rest is a 10 inch memory foam mattress with medium firmness. For an average sleeper this is really so good. Medium firmness is best for anybody. It will just give you a nice feeling when you will sleep on it. It comes with 2 inch of cool gel infused memory foam and 8 inch of support foam with a comfortable cover. The feature of cooling gel can draw heats from your body and makes the memory foam softer. It works on real time within your body temperature. The 8 inch of high density support foam combines with 2 inch of cool gel memory foam to give proper balance. We see on our research that the body temperature directly depends on your sleeping position. The high density supporting foam will help you to keep balance when you will be sleeping.

I want to share one of the user opinions with you. His name is Andee Sue and he said “The mattress is very comfortable and soft. It is stable and doesn’t move around a lot but is very easy to handle because it is not heavy to lift. I have noticed I wake up less during the night to shift around because the bed cushions pressure points much better than my last mattress.It was a longer periods of uninterrupted sleep. I would recommend this mattress. This cool mattress first comes in market at January 2017 with latest technology. Before buying any product you should know the first arrival of date. We know that technology is updating and the latest technology always comes with latest features.

Normally memory foam provides a bed smell at the first time. But this cool gel will give you sweet smell at the very beginning of it. Best 2 Rest will provide you exact shape that you will be wanted. It will be very easy for you to set it up and can take 24 hours maximum to come up in original shape. You can get this mattress in various size like twin, twin XL, full XL, queen, king, California king etc. This memory foam is certified by the CertiPUR-US which is really eco friendly and no side effect.

The maintenance of this cool gel memory foam mattress is very easy. You just need to clean up the cover with softly. No dust can inside the memory foam. Just make it ensure that you don’t have rats on your house! Isn’t it funny!

Warranty is really very important when you are going to buy a premium product. The Best 2 Rest will give you 20 years of quality warranty as a guarantee. And I think this is really enough time for a mattress. Normally no one use a mattress more then 12-15 years.


This mattress has all of the good features. But it has little CONS also. Some users said that this mattress become hot at night. The chemical of it may product a little bit bed smell and it can stay up to one week.

Most of the users didn’t say any negative issue. Our researches tell us that mattress can become hot if you really live in a warm place. By the way you can easily prevent this issue by using an air conditioner. Mattresses also become hard if you live in a very cold place. You can use an electric fireplace to solve this problem.

To buy this cool gel memory foam mattress and to know real user reviews go to Amazon or click here.

02-Quatro Sleep Mattress: Best Mattress Forever

Sometimes I really get confused about maintaining position. Now a day’s Quatro Sleep is the most popular mattress in the world. I didn’t put it on number 1 position because of its pricing. It is little expensive than Best 2rest memory foam mattress. But if you really want something special and luxury then you can’t avoid quatro memory foam mattress. You can call this as a All in one mattress. For some medical reasons like back pain this mattress is highly recommended.

best memory foam mattress forever

It is the mattress which comes with Tri layer memory foam technology where others have only one or two layer of memory foam. I research on many tri layer memory foam but almost all of them were very high price. But quatro comes with a normal price when compare it with others.

Before going in depth I want to show you one of real user review. He said “This is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have had my FIRST good night’s sleep (7 of them so far!!!)! This mattress is very comfortable and supports in every position of body. I did a lot of research and read ALL the reviews and watched the You tube videos. This was the best customer rated mattress, so I bought it – and I’m so glad I did!. Thank you all the persons who gave their reviews – now I’m giving mine. MIGHTY BLESSING!

When the topic comes on about the material than quatro passed it very smoothly. The quality of any product depends on the material which used to make that product. Very high quality material is used on quatro sleep mattress. It gives both durability and comfort. This mattress firmness is Medium Push which helps you to sleep well in any position. How you sleep it’s not a matter for this mattress because of its tri layer technology. Every layer will do their job to give more comfort.

Your body will not be heated and memory foam will take heats from your body. It will make the mattress soft. The more you sleep the more it will be soft. It is not require any maintenance without washing the cover. If you have a pet like dog then his owls may fall into your bed. By washing the cover problem will be solve. It has the all facility of a true memory foam.

Money back feature is really very cool when you confused about any product. Quatro will give you 100 night money back guarantee that means you can give it back if you find any problem within 100 days. I didn’t find any buyer who gave back quatro sleep mattress. This mattress will be shipped very quickly. If you are in hurry then this is your best choice.


This mattress is not very soft like others. Normally very soft mattresses don’t lasting more. The elasticity resume after one or two years. Though quatro has little less firmness it will give you super durability. You can feel this mattress new after buying 5 years. The persons who have heavy weight can use it for verty long time also.

This mattress has three different sizes. The price will depend on your requirement. You can buy Twin, Queen and King size mattress. To buy a specific Quatro sleep mattress click on the size or just go to Amazon.

03-Classic Brands 14-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress: Firm And Comfort

classic brands with free pilows

Do you want the best comfortable mattress with free pillows? You want something that is classic but comes with new and improved design?

If your answer is yes than you can take Classic brands 14 inch gel memory foam mattress. It is better for your health and always ready to give super comfort. This is total 14 inch comes with 4 inch true gel memory foam which support with 2 inch super quality foam and 8 inch high density supported mattress. The 8 inch will take the effectiveness and strength where first 4 inch will give ultimate sleeping experience with the help of 2 inch comfort foam. 2 inch of memory foam may produce little heat. The first 2 inch of topper gel memory foam will make it cool for you. Because of this features you will feel comfort in warm room also. This can be your best choice if you live in a hot weather.

classic brand mattress density

This cool gel memory foam firsts arrive in the year of 2011 but after that the design was improved. Its waterfall edge will help you to easily clean it. The soft cover will make you happy when you will sleep on it. It will not make any disturb to give you the full features of coolness and comfort. This mattress will be super comfortable for the heavy weight man. The medium firmness and softness will provide long time lasting with your satisfaction.

It is free from allergic and no dust mite can harm this memory foam mattress. Surface will always be clean and cool. You may just require cleaning your cover sometimes. You can get this mattress in many sizes. Just select your desired size before add to cart.

This awesome cool gel memory foam mattress can provide you at least 15 years full support, though you will get 25 years quality warranty. After buying one of this you can just forget about your ultimate sleeping tension forever. Classic brands mattress is certified by the CentiPUR and it is a popular brand now.


·         If you are a low weight man then you can feel the firmness a little higher.

·         This mattress is little heavy then others.

·         The smell of this mattress can remain for 15-30 days because of chemicals.

·         Not so good for side sleepers.

If you want to know more or want to buy this product just go to Amazon or click here. You can also click any of the images to see the price of that product.

Why Not Zenus:

Many of my reader asked me why I don’t add Zenus memory foam 14 inch mattress in my top 3 memory foam mattress reviews and buying guide ? I tried to put it in my to 3 choice but I can’t because of some lacking. I should put it on number 4 position but my review is here only for top 3 products. If you want 3 inch of memory foam in your mattress then Zenus is the best for you. The price of this product is also less than others mattress. You can buy a queen size with the price of below $300. To check the real price of this mattress in Amazon click here.

This was really a great time when I finished the writing about memory foam mattress reviews. I took all of members help to write this review. This will be fine if this review helps you to make your decision easy. If you found this article helpful then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Leave us any comment regarding on memory foam mattress. Me and my team is here to give you reply.

you can also visit our others latest post to make your room more comfort.

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